Elite Xpress Cleaning and pest control services is a certified and licensed company which offers a comprehensive range of pest management services in Dubai and quality products to residential, commercial and industrial clients. The main objective of the organization is to provide a reliable and affordable Pest Control in Dubai and offer cleaning services for residence as well as business owners.

  • Management Functions: our internal online and on site management system, ensures that our team adheres to all the rules and regulations imposed by the U.A.E government.

  • Planning: We tackle every pest infestation and cleaning problem differently. Our approach for each and every case differs and hence planning is the most important phase in the client servicing for us.

  • Organising:determining the extent of the problems and the technicians who are best able to execute it.

  • Leading:Direction and motivation plays a huge role in proper execution of the problem, we have the best people to lead our team.

  • Controlling:providing clients proper and regular audits and feedback is an important task for us.

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