Pest Control Services(Dubai Muncipality Approved)

Pest Control Dubai and Pest Control Abu Dhabi
Residental Pest Control Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

Dubai’s harsh desert environment is an ideal environment for many unwanted home invaders including desert scorpions, a variety of ant species, pack rats and many other unwanted desert invaders. EliteXpress can provide a pest management program to repel those unwanted past. Our goal is to provide a pest free environment for your family and to that end we have developed a powerful approach which provides maximum control with minimal material usage in your living space eliminating pests outside before they become a problem.
Our licensed technician will start by treating pest harborages, treating areas where pets live, direct application to wall mounts and other evidence of activity targeting pests harbourage areas and trailing areas that pests frequent. Our technician will then apply a chemical barrier around the exterior of the home, the technician will concentrate on areas pests can potentially enter into the house like entryways, windows, garages and structural gaps. the last step is inspecting interior and make a targeted application in natural entry areas such as door openings and thresholds

Commercial Pest Control Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

Commercial pest control is about providing a comprehensive approach to ensure a pest free environment for the commercial operator and their clients. A typical commercial application is unique depending on the potential pests and the environment. Treatment typically starts with applying material where past harborage can potentially start like under equipment floor drains and entry points, the technician will inspect potential pest harborage areas you incorporate tools such as monitoring devices or bait stations to monitor for past activity if pest activity is discovered the technician will immediately remedy the situation.
In areas that are inaccessible for inspection the technician will apply a long-term residual material to prevent any pest harbourage. In commercial pest control we also want to focus on the exterior of the building preventing an infestation outside before the pest enters the inside. Strong focus on entryways applications are made to trash receptacles and other areas pest harbour.

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