A/C Duct Cleaning & Sanitization.

When our licensed personnel comes to your home to perform a duct cleaning our technicians arrive at your house with our vans in a trailer in the back of the trailer is a compressor that will be used to clean the docs throughout your home we unload our portable help of Acts system and begin to connect it to the main trunk line of your doc system we trace a circle onto the ductwork in a starter hole and cut out an opening a similar process is used for fiberglass duct systems after cutting in the opening.

we apply a connector to the ductwork for the help of back we seal the edges of the connector to ensure the dust and dirt from your docs is drawn into the vacuum next we connect the hose to the ductwork and finally turn on the vacuum and begin drawing dirt and dust through the ducts the next step is the block off all the vents connected to the trunk line to create a seal this allows the help of back to draw the dust and dirt the whole way through the system we bring in the air hoses connected to the compressor outside remove one vent block at a time and begins eating the line through the vent to blow all the dirt down to the help of back at the end of the hose is a special cap that allows air to be blown in all directions to clean all sides of the duct while one technician is cleaning the Ducks another is cleaning and sanitizing the event and register covers.

we clean both supply covers and return covers to ensure a thorough clean we also clean and sanitize the actual events where the air is pushed into the home we make sure that we clean all the events even the ones that are inconvenient and talk to reach to ensure a complete job for the larger ducks we use a tool called a whip there are several tubes that whip around when the air is passed through them allowing the air to clean and break loose dust and dirt from all sides of event as the air blows through the whip the tubes push the dirt towards the HEPA vac connected to the main duct line cleaning your ductwork for tough to reach locations we drill a small hole into the duct feed the air hose through the hole and proceed with the cleaning any small holes as well as the larger holes for the help of vac will be plugged in sealed at the completion of the cleaning after cleaning all the individual duck blinds the help of back is removed from the supply line followed by an inspection as you can see dirt and dust can be cleared away with a proper duct cleaning after the supply side is complete we start the process all over again for the return side of the system the last step is to remove and clean the fan blower to fully complete the cleaning after all the steps are finished we reinstall the covers and the duct cleaning is complete


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