Carpet Care

Stains, allergens, dust and dirt spots are the bane for everyone who owns carpet in their residence or offices. Regular brooming and spraying the carpet is not always efficient way to remove these tough spots. Our technicians are well trained in handling the industry grade equipment that is carpet shampooing, after we are done, you will notice the stains are removed, dirt extracted and the color of your carpet restored.

Our process is simple, yet effective, first we move all the furniture from the area where the carpet is placed. We move all the furniture to a side of the room where there is no carpet, and if there is carpet everywhere, we move the furniture to one side while we work on the other side and shift it as we begin working on the next side. We then apply stain removal spray that disintegrates the dust particles allowing easier removal and extraction of the spots. We then fill the shampooing tank with clean water and thoroughly rub the carpet fiber until it is spot free.

Our process is the most comprehensive and effective in dealing with your carpet problem, many residential as well as business clients in Dubai trust


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